Monthly Archives: April 2006 for cl1p now > 1000 just passed a big milestone. Over 1000 people have bookmarked on! I’m glad that so many people are using But just wait, new features are in the work that will make more accessible and fun!

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Use on forums

Many online forms limit the text you enter, or mess up its formatting. Use to post your text and then just add the URL to your forum post! mess up mes sup mes-sup mess-up messy Edit… Revert to “messup”

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Code Changes

I just made a minor change to the home page. Example cl1p’s used to be displayed as random characters. Now it will display a random word for the dictionary. For example the example link used to look like now … Continue reading

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Recent Changes:

Link to quick silver plug-in on the ‘more’ page cl1p’s with passwords must have password entered before editing Password can be changed Keep For option can be changed Restrict Views option can be changed

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New Feature: Keep for

A new feature has been added to You can now tell how long to keep your data! Just make a selection in the “Keep for” drop down list. (Times range from 1 hour to 2 Weeks)

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