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The Fanboy ubuntu post.

I recently installed ubuntu 6.1 and I love it. I LOVE IT. This is the best user linux distro EVER. EVER! I’ve been using Linux for years as a sever but never been able to stomach it on the desktop. … Continue reading

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Banned from warcraft

Well my account was banned, I’m guessing that blizzard found out that I payed someone to play my account for me. I wasn’t sure if that violated the terms, but I guessed it was OK to have someone else play … Continue reading

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This blog is BACK

I’m brining this blog back online. As an independent software vendor its critical that I spend more time on getting the word out about my creations. If I don’t talk about who will? I’m joining a long line of … Continue reading

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Fun with icefaces effects

This tutorial will walk you though some of the fun things you can do with effects. You will need an App server, Ant and Icefaces-bin-1.5.1 for this tutorial. 1. Make a copy of the icefaces\samples\tutorial\effects1 folder and rename it funwitheffects … Continue reading

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