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Delete parts of subversion history

When you decide to move a svn repository to the public it might be necessary to remove older versions from history. For example, lets say your repository is at version 10000. However up until version 9000 you where not considering … Continue reading

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Message Board and SSL

I’ve added some new features to cl1p: First up is Message Board. You can now turn an cl1p into a message board. Just select message board in the cl1p type drop down menu. You can set the title of the … Continue reading

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Review of cl1p in one powerful word

Mr Biggs just posted an excellent article on on his blog. Thanks for the post Mr Biggs!

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New Feature: Cl1p Types!

Now a cl1p can be more then just a text area. The cl1p type dropdown (in the top left corner) will let you change types. First up is the Rich Text editor type. You can now create cl1p’s with rich … Continue reading

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a new look

Here is a screen shot of the new It should be up in a few weeks. What do you think?

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