A programmers start page

You can use cl1p.net as a start page for programmers. As a web application developer I have to access a lot of machines in the office. Most of them are by IP and some have long cumbersome names. I also have to access the web apps that I’m working on from different browsers.

My solution was to use cl1p.net to make a simple HTML start page. You can see it here.

Create your own, just follow these steps.

1. Pick a URL that starts with cl1p.net. ( i picked http://cl1p.net/robs/startpage )

2. In the Textarea write the HTML. I just use a simple table and links, but you could use any HTML you wanted.

3. Add a password, change the keep for to something longer then a week and Click save, you will see a message saying (Page was saved).

4. In the top right hand corner you see a link http://cl1p.net/robs/startpage. Click on that link to see the rendered HTML.

5. What happened here is that you are now looking at http://d.cl1p.net/robs/startpage. This will only show you the raw data, and since its HTML we see an HTML page.

6. Set http://d.cl1p.net/robs/startpage as the homepage.

Bam! There you go. A programmers start page.

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