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Atricles on Icesofts Ajax framework.

Snappy Components – Now open source

I have just released my Snappy JSF Components as an Open source project.  You can download the source here. Contributions are appreciated.

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Introducing Snappy Calendar

Snappy Calendar provides a client side date picker for ICEFaces. Unlike the standard calendar control you will not have to wait for a server round trip when a user selects a date, or changes a month. Other features include Render … Continue reading

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Setting up an Icefaces facelet project from scratch.

Icefaces is a rich extension to Java Server Faces. One of the problems in getting an icefaces application up and running is the inital setup. In this tutorial I’ll walk through how to build a basic Icefaces application (Using facelets). … Continue reading

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Fun with icefaces effects

This tutorial will walk you though some of the fun things you can do with effects. You will need an App server, Ant and Icefaces-bin-1.5.1 for this tutorial. 1. Make a copy of the icefaces\samples\tutorial\effects1 folder and rename it funwitheffects … Continue reading

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Icefaces is Open Source

Icefaces, the product I have been working on at icesoft has just been released as an open source product! Check out the coverage here and here.

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