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Javascript Style Guide

Google has a style guide for writing javascript. I think it’s great. Link

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Todo List using Rails 2.0.1 with ‘act as authenticated’

I’ve been looking at Rails examples for well over a year now. I’ve seen a lot of todo list examples, forum examples, and others. The one thing missing from these examples is authentication. I mean what kind of web app … Continue reading

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Rails 2.0.1 Todo List tutorial

I’ve been meaning to try Rails 2.0.1, and I had some trouble finding an example. I did find this one, which is quite good. I thought I would add one of my own. Here in five lines are the steps … Continue reading

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Eclipse Ignore Folder

Sometimes when using eclipse I need to jump to a file. I press CTRL-SHFT-R to pop up the resource. However most of the time I end up editing a copy of the file in a build folder. The solution to … Continue reading

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Delete parts of subversion history

When you decide to move a svn repository to the public it might be necessary to remove older versions from history. For example, lets say your repository is at version 10000. However up until version 9000 you where not considering … Continue reading

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