Code Changes

I just made a minor change to the home page. Example cl1p’s used to be displayed as random characters. Now it will display a random word for the dictionary.

For example the example link used to look like now it is like

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could provide more details, but I can’t really…

    It’s quite simple, the password needed to edit system doesn’t work.

    Quite simply it doesn’t work, period.

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for comment.

    I’ve tried to find problems with the edit password, however I can’t find any problems. Could you give me the steps to recreate the problem?

    This is what I tried.

    1. Create a new cl1p set the password in both edit password and verify fields. Save the cl1p.

    2. Close the browser, then re-open it to the same URL.

    3. The clip is displayed but can’t be edited. I enter the edit password and click edit.

    4. The cl1p is now editable. I make changes to the cl1p and select save.

    5. I close the browser and reopen to the same URL. The changed cl1p is displayed.

    6. Enter the password, click edit.

    7. Click the restrict views check box and click save.

    8. Close and reopen browser to the same URL.

    9. The view is restricted. I enter the password and click view.

    10. Cl1p can be edited.

    Any more information you can provide will be useful.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Blarg, it was just a wierd cache thingy ip address storing or something.

    It works perfectly fine.

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