Eclipse Ignore Folder

Sometimes when using eclipse I need to jump to a file. I press CTRL-SHFT-R to pop up the resource. However most of the time I end up editing a copy of the file in a build folder.

The solution to this problem is to Right click the troublesome folder, select properties and Click Derived. Now when Jumping to files with CTRL-SHIFT-R  you wont edit the bad copy.

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  1. Derek Lewis says:

    Thanks very much for this tip. I was looking for exactly this, and it works like a charm.
    Due to the way our build works, there’s 5 copies of most js/jsp files, and the last one is the source file, which has been rather irritating. Your instructions fix that wonderfully.

  2. Chuck says:

    Thanks so much!! I have been looking for a solution to this mildly irritating problem for some time! Kudos!

  3. Dave says:

    This is great! Thanks so much.

    Now… is there a way to specify a pattern? I have a whole big code tree of directories and each one has a “.svn” directory to be marked “Derived”, a “generated” directory to be marked “Derived”, etc.

    Digging around in the directories I can’t even find where Eclipse stores this information.


  4. Rob says:

    That I don’t know. I think that if you add the eclipse subversion plug-in it gets rid of the .svn folders from the view.

  5. Ryan Stille says:

    To get rid of the subversion files, you can go to the menu of the navigator, and select Filters. Then check the checkbox for the types of files/directories you want ignored. Unfortunately there is not one for .svn so I had to choose the .* one. Supposedly you are supposed to be able to edit your plugin.xml file to manually add more filters to choose from, but I could not get this to work.

    Back to the point of the original post, this tip worked great for me for the CTRL-SHFT-R issue. I have a folder of many thousands of images inside my project, and this excludes them from the resource window. Unforunately it doesn’t exclude them from searches! I wish eclipse had a better IGNORE-THIS-FOLDER option. Searching google I come across a lot of people looking for this feature.

  6. Lance says:

    Excellent… just what I needed. I found this page searching for a plugin to perform this task and it was built in to eclipse th whole time.


  7. Tobias Gierke says:

    Great, works like a charm 😉

    Thank you very much !

  8. Anders says:

    To remove folders from a search, I reckon you have to create a working set in which you want to search. If this working set does not contain your image folder, they will not appear in the search result.

  9. Stevi Deter says:

    One more thank you for a simple solution to a very, very annoying problem.

  10. Rory says:

    Hey, nice tip it works a treat.

    I know in Eclipse Ganymede (3.4) on the search page there is an option right under the filename pattern field it is a checkbox for “Consider Derived Resources” which does exactly what it says. So although a year on and you’ve no doubt realised this already, I thought it might be nice to update this post as it was quite handy!

  11. someone says:

    Thank you, it was pretty quick search and fix

  12. Alex says:

    Does anyone know where eclipse stores these ‘derived folders’ preferences? I would like to check them in and share with my development team. However, when I specify several folders as derived, I don’t see any changes to the .project or .classpath config files under that project.

  13. rado says:

    This has been annoying me forever. Thanks for posting it.

  14. neilson says:

    great tip 🙂
    thanks !!

  15. Cesar says:

    Gracias 😀

  16. marty says:

    it work fine…but for TARGET folder (maven build) it is not working properly, because sometimes you need to execute command MVN CLEAN and then your derived-settings is gone….

  17. Erwin Ravau says:

    This was annoying me for years. Finally looked for a solution and came upon your blog. thanks

  18. Dave says:

    Finally I solved my nightmare :^)
    thank you!

  19. Anna says:

    It was annoying me forever. Thank you for the tip!

  20. ohad says:

    If some .git don’t disappear:
    Properties of the project->Resource->Resource Filters->Add Resource Filter:
    Exclude All
    Folders + All Children (recursive)
    [name] [matches] “.git”

    good luck

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