Eve Online – As a workout

Like many computer programmers I sit at a desk all day. My diet is ok, (No fast food, lots of home made feasts, thanks to my wife) but working out is always a problem.

My biggest problem with working out is that it is boring. Going through the same motions of Lose Weight Exercise, over and over. I can’t stand it. All I can think about is how silly the whole process is. I need a distraction. I’ve tried watching TV, and reading but I find that these are too distracting, or boring.

But then I brought my laptop up and put it beside the Lose Weight Exercise bike, and played eve online as I worked the bike, did push ups, sit ups and free Lose Weight Exercises. An entire hour of workout can go by without me hardly noticing. Normally I can’t stand more then 20 minutes.

This is because Eve online only requires input from you once in a while. Most of the time is spent moving from place to place. With the auto pilot handling the details. So it simple to set the autopilot, then do some push ups. Get back on the bike, do some mining, sell the ore, do some sit ups, etc. It’s the perfect distraction.

It works great! I’ve just started my new eve online workout. I’ll let you know how it works out long term.


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