Happy Birthday CL1PHappy Birthday CL1P

Today is CL1P.net’s birthday. Two years ago today the whole world find out about the cool little site that let you copy and paste between computers. It was on this day that lifehacker ran a very nice story on CL1P. Then it went to the top position of del.icio.us. Chris Pirillo wrote about it, so the Guardian Unlimited, and many other bloggers from around the world.

The best thing is that cl1p.net has not just been a flash in the pan it has survived and even thrived. Every day thousands of people discover CL1P either by stumbleupon or though a friend.

CL1P has added new features. The first one was view restricted pages, Rich Text cl1ps, Auto save/Auto Update/ Message Boards / IPhone support and more.

More is still coming to CL1P and I am very close to releasing a much improved version with bigger files and pictures.

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