Message Board and SSL

I’ve added some new features to cl1p:

First up is Message Board. You can now turn an cl1p into a message board. Just select message board in the cl1p type drop down menu.

  1. You can set the title of the message board by entering a new title under options.
  2. You can restrict forum management by setting a password under security. People can still add comments to the board, but you need the password to delete them.

Next is SSL. You can now purchase SSL cl1ps. These cl1ps have the same feature as standard cl1ps, with the addition of an secure SSL connection.

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2 Responses to Message Board and SSL

  1. TVdP says:

    I’m missing a “refresh” button. IE insists on giving me a warning after having saved the clipboard. But if I (or another user) then change the clipboard on another pc I would like to refresh the contents instead of re-posting the older contents.

  2. LorencoWaf says:

    Where is admin?!

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