Google Appengine supports Java app I will port to the Java App engine will be This should improves cl1p’s speed, and scalablity. Fun times!

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New IPhone App – Flash Banner

Flash Banner was released yesterday, and so far the response has been awesome. Check it out here. Or in the App Store. Its Free!.

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Now on twitter

I’ve setup a twitter account. You can follow me at

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Google App Engine to support Java

I’ve heard rumors that Google App engine will soon support java. Keep an eye on the blog.

This would be great for me. cl1p is written in Java and I would love to move it to the app engine. If anyone from the app engine reads this, please put me in the beta!

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Snappy Components – Now open source

I have just released my Snappy JSF Components as an Open source project.  You can download the source here. Contributions are appreciated.

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