Snappy Components – Now open source

I have just released my Snappy JSF Components as an Open source project.  You can download the source here. Contributions are appreciated.

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Social Networking for hackers

I just found out about It looks like a fun idea. Hackers can post ideas and find other people to work with. Sounds cool. It would be fun to jump in on a quick project for a bit.

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Accessing environment variables in Groovy

I could not find an example on how to use environment variables in groovy. So after figuring out how to do it I added an example to my wiki.

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Introducing Snappy Calendar

Snappy Calendar provides a client side date picker for ICEFaces. Unlike the standard calendar control you will not have to wait for a server round trip when a user selects a date, or changes a month.

Other features include

Render as a Text Box or a Link.
Uses dynamic effects to slide the calendar up and down.
Support for custom date formats

Snappy Calendar is now included in the Developer Preview release. Download a new copy for evaluation today.

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ICEFaces project generation with groovy

I’ve created a wiki for storing my source code examples.

First on the wiki is an example groovy script that generates an ICEFaces project.

Visit for more information.

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