The Fanboy ubuntu post.

I recently installed ubuntu 6.1 and I love it. I LOVE IT. This is the best user linux distro EVER. EVER!

I’ve been using Linux for years as a sever but never been able to stomach it on the desktop. I tried Red Hat, then Fedora, and well I could not get anything else to work.

But ubuntu works! Holy cow!

The installation is a wet dream. It takes away everything I don’t care about, (Partitioning, package selection, etc) and just installs what I need.

Top things I freaked out about when installing ubuntu.

– Boots to a usable desktop
– Looks great
– wireless works!
– Firefox 2.0 installed, and WORKING
– apt-get works!
– Tutorials work!
– sudo WORKS out of the box

If you have not tried ubuntu, then for the LOVE OF GOD, try it!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Took you long enough. Of course Ubuntu rules. If you think that’s impressive, try the livecd of Kubuntu.

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